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Fleet,Asset and Solar - Lease,Loan,Rent,Finance and Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) Management Software development

Proinvest Software provides a superior experience for the customer, manufacturer, dealer,and lender through its comprehensive and unified solution. Proinvest Software Lending,Leasing,Loaning and Power Purchase Agreement(PPA) delivers seamless, end-to-end digital capabilities, from origination to servicing and through to collections and asset management.It offers customized development and flexible deployment options on-premises or in the cloud. Simply stated, the solution improves the customer experience with a modern digital platform; enables flexibility that drives business growth; and increases productivity with automated processes and transactions.

Consumer today demands an elevated customer experience—and automotive finance organizations must deliver value while managing costs.
Proinvest Software Financial Services Lending,Leasing,Renting and Loaning provides end-to-end capabilities on a modern digital platform to improve the customer experience; enable flexibility that drives business growth; and increase productivity through automation—all while providing a superior experience for the customer, the dealer and the auto lender.We quick to deploy and implement when writing code.

DMS : enables various roles and responsibilities to be easily configured, thus encouraging collaboration within an organisation and external parties. Access is password-protected, and is controlled at all levels.

Arrears Management : uses embedded iterative processes to successfully rehabilitate defaulting debtors.
Onboarding : The module accomodates onboarding of Clients and contracts.

Our LoanFin Module and SolarFin Module was developed by well expirienced bankers,Fleet Managers and System developers.

Included in the FINLOAN and Solar Finance module is the following :-

- Loaning,Renting,Leasing and Power Purchase Agreement.
- Solar solution ,Fleet Solution and Asset Management Solution.
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Asset Finance Loan and Lease Business software
- Supplier Chain Business software
- Workshop,Stores,Warehouse and Parts
- Clients,Quotation Proposal process and Contract Agreements with Legal Documents bundled.
- Colateral Assets.
- Management,Operation,Recovery,Arrears,Know Your Clients (KYC)

Payments,Reciepts Allocation,Debit Notes,Credit Type,Allocations,Receipts Reallocations,Refunds,Credit Notes and Statement.

- Energy Management Systems
- Client Amortization,Product and Product Elements.
- For Solar and Fleet, we bundled Power Purchase Agreement,Loan,Rent and Lease.
- Insurance and Warranties
- Electric Vehicle Charging Station,Battery Storage (BESS) Scheduling and Management and EV charge scheduling.


Recovery Acivity Management
Collection Acivity Management
Financial Acivity Management
Arrears and Interest On Arrears Acivity Management


FLEETPRO enables you to maintain accurate control over your fleet expenses; pinpoint problem areas; centralise all Fleet Management aspects and manage both internal and external suppliers.
It provides a vehicle management system that minimises and optimises costs. 
This enables the fleet owner/manager to maximise operating efficiently and profitable while accurately determining costs, both short and long-term.


› Financial
› Maintenance
› Licensing
› Fuel
› Workshop
› Stores
› Electric Vehicle Recharging Scheduling and Battery Electric Storage Solution(BESS)


› Rental And Leasing
› Tracking
› Driver database
› Insurance
› Dashboard reporting
› Inventory management
› Fines
› Stores and Workshop management

› Comprehensive financial control of the assets life cycle from acquisition to disposal
› Maintenance management of both external suppliers and internal workshops
› Fuel data capture from external card and internal bowser sources
› Insurance and incident management at asset level
› Trip Management,EV Energy Consumption and predictive Analysis.
› Electric Vehicle (EV) management and EV battery charging management.
› Automated financial management with AARTO compliance
› Management of drivers, mechanics and employees
› License and COF renewal reminders
› Comprehensive long-term and short-term rental system
› Linked to the Third Party tracking data
› Over 401 standard built in reports to access information at all levels,including Incident reports.
› Advanced dashboard reporting available

ERP - Enterprise Resurce Planning

Both FleePro(Fleet Solution),Solar Finance(SolFin),Asset Finance(AssFin) and LoanFin (Loan,Lease,PPA and Rent Software Solution) is integrated
on our ERP or any other third party ERP.

Our ERP consists of 40 modules amongst is the following customizable modules :-

› Cash Receivable
› Cash Payable
› Cash Book
› Fixed Assets
› General Ledger
› Income Statement
› Trial Balance


Sales Reports
Assets Management Reports
Financial Reports
Budgeting Reports
Cosolidated Reports
Management Reports
Ad-hoc Reports
Analysis and BI

Artificial Intelligence(AI),Machine Learning(ML),BlockChain and automation are some of the integrated features in the ERP.



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